Travel Insurance Waiver

If you would like a paper copy to sign instead, download the Travel Insurance Waiver and send it to 340 Firethorn Lane Sinking Spring PA 19608, or email it to us at

I, the undersigned, am purchasing certain travel services through Wanderlust Travel Consultants, LLC (“WTC”) and acknowledge that certain risks are associated with the Travel. I hereby confirm that I have been informed by a WTC representative of certain travel protection / trip insurance coverages available to me (and those traveling with me) regarding the Travel and that information on such travel protection / trip insurance is available on the AIG Travel Guard link on WTC’s website as well as from other third-party insurance companies. I understand that available travel protection / trip insurance policies may include, among other coverages, the following coverages: trip cancellation and interruption, emergency medical transportation, medical expense, and lost/damaged baggage and personal effects coverage as well as protection from loss due to travel vendor, travel supplier and/or any other travel-related operator/provider default or error. 

I, the undersigned, agree to release, indemnify and hold WTC (including WTC’s officers, members and representatives) harmless from and against any and all costs and expenses (including penalties), claims and liability of any kind related in any way to the Travel. I also confirm that WTC has instructed me to contact a seller of travel protection / trip insurance in the event that I have any questions or concerns regarding (or simply want to purchase) travel protection / trip insurance for the Travel.

I, the undersigned, have read this document and understand the risks associated with purchasing or declining to purchase travel protection / trip insurance coverage. I, having read and understood the foregoing, acknowledge and agree (select one):

    Yes, I have purchased travel insurance.No, I do not wish to purchase a travel insurance plan.